Four Seasons® Lace Lingerie


Lady's mood is like four seasons, it changes with sunshine and stormy intervals, especially when she sees something uncommon of you before you tell her what is happening. 


He: "Hi, dear, where is my Zippo?"

"Don't know."  She answered showing him only her back.

He comes closer: "Hi dear, what happened?"

"Nothing." She stares outside the window while there is only two birds, rest on the tree. 

"Tell me please, I put your present with my Zippo, that is why I am looking for my Zippo, today is our second anniversary darling."

She turns around, and gently puts her arm across his neck.

"You almost broke my heart coz I see a very nice lingerie there, thanks dear."


Want to know what happens next? Get Four Seasons® and we will deliver you the story.



  • Front closure
  • Adjustable Y shape back strip
  • Double-layer lace to protect your front parts
  • T shape seamless panties